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A beautiful verse about spending

There is a beautiful verse in the Quran,

وَيَسْأَلُونَكَ مَاذَا يُنفِقُونَ قُلِ الْعَفْوَ

‘They ask you, O my dear Prophet, what they should spend? Tell them, the excess.’  The question asked by the Muslims was, what should we spend? Allah gives the answer, say, “the excess”. Now how do you define the excess? You are earning ten thousand but your expenditure is ten thousand plus. You say, “I have to borrow some money every month. My family does not run!” Another fellow who earns two thousand taka but he runs his family in such a manner that he spends every month five hundred taka for the poor people in his village. Islam leaves it upon the person. He has been given the full freedom to earn but at the same time he is asked by his creator spend your excess for the poor. Islam does not force something but it asks you in a manner appealing to your intellect.

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The Pen – A Blessing from The Creator

As you already know that I am not an Aleem. I am just a B.Sc.Engineering graduate. I graduated in 1961 from the famous Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) of Dhaka. Then I have worked for two years in a power station. I also had a chance to do a course in England for seven months while serving in English Electric Company. I learnt about transformers, switch gears, diesel engines and alternators etc in different electrical equipment manufacturing factory in different cities of England like Stafford, Liverpool etc. I came back and worked in English Electrical Company for the next six years. After eight years of service in practical life, I joined in BUET as a teacher. I worked there as a teacher for 26 years. I joined as an Assistant Professor and after 26 years, I retired as an Assistant Professor. I had no promotion. What is the fault? Because Ididn’t go for the M.Sc. Engineering or Ph.D. degree. Allah Subhanahuwata’ala gave me a chance to be a servant of a Sheikh of Bangladesh. His name was Muhammadullah. He is popularly known as Hafezzi Huzur. 
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The importance of reciting the holy Quran

The verses of Quran are arranged in such a manner, though
they were revealed to our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), but if a reader reads it now after 1400 years, it appears that as if Allah is asking him. Allah is addressing him. Because no name is mentioned there, Jakkir O Muhammad! No. Generally it says, ‘you remind, certainly reminding will benefit the believers.

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Islam – a complete code of life

‘Islam came as a stranger. Very soon it will become stranger again. Blessed are those who become stranger for Islam.’

Simple meaning of this, our Prophet(peace be upon him) is giving the good news to those who work for Islam. Islam started as a stranger. If a stranger comes in this room particularly in a Military establishment like this, everybody will say, “who are you? Why you have come here? What is your identity?” The stranger is never welcomed. Because nobody knows him. I have had many such experiences.

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