Mahfil Schedule

  • Azimpur Mahfil on each Saturday Evening (China building goli, 136 no. house)
  • Uttara Mahfil on each Monday Evening (House-54, Road-18, Sector-03, Uttara)
  • Shamoly Mahfil 2nd Wednesday Evening of each lunar month.
  • Dhanmondi Mahfil 2nd Thursday Evening of each lunar month.

17 thoughts on “Mahfil Schedule”

  1. Dear Brother:

    Assalamualaikum. Hope you all are fine by the grace of the Almighty Allah. I had been wandering in your website and learned that you got Mahfil Schedule every month. It’s really a great step to enrich the Islamic knowledge.

    Would you please mind to provide me the complete mailing address of your location and the contact No. ?

    Thanks and best regards.

    Md. Rezaul Karim

    1. Wa alaikumussalam

      I will send you our email address in a separate mail soon. You can also use our ‘Contact Us’ tab on the left side bar.


  2. Assalamualikum,
    At first I would like to thanks for all of your effort. May allah accept your deeds.
    Brother May I have full address of Azimpur Mahfil?

  3. Assalamua’laikum warahmatullah,
    Bhai, can you please let me know the Uttara Mahfil (each monday) place address…..

    Muhammad Rumin

  4. assalamualaikum,
    would you please tell me about the azimpur mahfil time during ramadan?

    1. Yes, surely. There is separate arrangement for women. It is held regularly on second Wednesday of each Arabic month. Time is from Magrib to Isha.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum Brother,
    I want to attend Hazrat ji Mahfil at Uttara, please advice if he will be available this Monday or next any week. And is the address correct?

    House-54, Road-18, Sector-03, Uttara, Dhaka.


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