The Pen – A Blessing from The Creator

As you already know that I am not an Aleem. I am just a B.Sc.Engineering graduate. I graduated in 1961 from the famous Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) of Dhaka. Then I have worked for two years in a power station. I also had a chance to do a course in England for seven months while serving in English Electric Company. I learnt about transformers, switch gears, diesel engines and alternators etc in different electrical equipment manufacturing factory in different cities of England like Stafford, Liverpool etc. I came back and worked in English Electrical Company for the next six years. After eight years of service in practical life, I joined in BUET as a teacher. I worked there as a teacher for 26 years. I joined as an Assistant Professor and after 26 years, I retired as an Assistant Professor. I had no promotion. What is the fault? Because Ididn’t go for the M.Sc. Engineering or Ph.D. degree. Allah Subhanahuwata’ala gave me a chance to be a servant of a Sheikh of Bangladesh. His name was Muhammadullah. He is popularly known as Hafezzi Huzur. 

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  1. We need download boyans n books. Nice effort to flourish fuyuj n barakat of hajratwala damat barakatuhum

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